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Social Comment

Public Disturbances -
Collection of Gleaner Writings 1986–1996

by Morris Cargill (1915–2000)
edited by David D'Costa

A continuation of reprints of testy, zesty, unabashed and well-informed comments by Jamaica's late incorrigible tail-twister, Morris Cargill; superbly edited by his loyal and learned friend, David D'Costa: 302 pages 6" x 9" deluxe softcover edition.

ISBN: 976-8168-00-5
Published 1998
US $23.00

Visions for Nation Building
Selected Speeches 1975-2006

by Dennis Lalor

A series of distinctive speeches given over a period of some thirty years by the Hon. Dennis Lalor, one of Jamaica’s outstanding public figures. His subject matter covers a wide range of topics relevant to his country’s problems; insurance to politics, horse-racing to polo (his greatest love) and offers potential solutions. 282 pages 6" x 9" deluxe softcover edition.

ISBN: 978-976-8168-17-7
Published  2007
Limited edition

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