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Short Stories

Reckoning with the Force
Stories of the Jamaica Constabulary Force
in the 1950s

by David Godfrey — illustrations by Hope Wheeler

Rib-tickling, semi-autobiographical tales by a former British police officer who married a Jamaican belle and lived in Jamaica for many years. His tell-it-as-it-is stories depict the humour and one-upmanship involved with the 'roots' culture of the country of Jamaica.

Everyone will appreciate the incisive and entertaining portrayal of the enduring Jamaican personality along with the lively illustrations by Jamaican artist Hope Wheeler. 236 pages 5.5" x 8.5" deluxe softcover edition.

ISBN: 976-8168-01-3
Published 1998

Praise Songs - Chapters in a Life

by Jean Smith

A collection of insightful and poignant portraits of a selection of personages related to or known by the author and who represent the full gamut of Jamaican personalities. Black & white Illustrations. 136 pages 5.5" x 8.5" deluxe softcover edition.


ISBN: 978-976-8168-15-3
Published  2007

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