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A Collection of 19th Century Jamaican Cookery and Herbal Recipes

by Caroline Sullivan

Collector's hard-cover edition, first published in 1893 and in 1897 by mystery author, Caroline Sullivan: 104 pages, with added biographical material: vertical format 8" x 12", fine paper with sepia calligraphy, halftone end papers and illustration: full colour dust-jacket. 

ISBN: 976-8168-10-2
Published 1990.

Orders now for new double-sized deluxe softcover edition for publication in 2008 @ US$35.00.

Forthcoming new edition includes origins and historical background of mystery author, Caroline Sullivan, with an autobiographical description of the life of her grandson, Arthur Sutton (1900-1998).

Busha Browne's Cookbook

The Indispensable Compendium of
Traditional Jamaican Cookery

An elegant and witty collection of traditional Jamaican recipes adapted for modern day use with standard and metric measurements, Glossary and Alphabetical Index.  Size 6" x 9". With sprightly anecdotes, a unique and palatable history lesson about Jamaica.

ISBN: 976-8092-89-0
First published 1993
6th printing, with wire binding, US$18.00.

Widely acclaimed, this unique book has many curious links with other historical books published by The Mill Press. A new larger coffee-table edition to complement the current edition will be released in 2009.

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