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Collector’s Editions

A Picturesque Tour  of the Island of Jamaica

by James Hakewill (1778–1843)

Reproduction of seven folios first published in 1825 with Introductory Note by Prof. B. Higman, Historical Notes and 21 full colour plates with personal descriptions all by James Hakewill and including contemporary Foreword and Biographical Sketch. Collector's  limited edition of 500: 120 pages, 12" x 16.75" on fine archival paper and hand-bound with beautiful olive-green hand-marbled end papers: colour co-ordinated maroon leather binding: book in maroon cloth-covered slipcase.


Published 1990
Full-leather Book  US$2,000
Half-leather Book  US$1,500

The Columbus Petition for the Island of Jamaica (1672)

by Don Pedro Colon

Scholarly translation into modern English and facsimile of unique original medieval Spanish world document with original and translated text on facing pages for easy comparison: a petition by the Columbus family for having been dispossessed of its rightful and proper inheritance including the island of Jamaica: written by Don Pedro Colon, First Marquis of Jamaica, seventh descendant of Christopher Columbus, written circa 1672 to Queen Mariana of Austria, mother and  Regent for Charles II of Spain: 1992 reproduction manuscript includes substantive contemporary material. Collector's hand-bound, half-leather limited edition of 500. 96 pages: 9.5" x 14" on fine archival paper in two colours with illustrations, fold-out map and bright red cloth-covered case.

ISBN: 976-8092-41-6
Published 1992
Half leather Book US$500



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